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       This was an Idea I had when I read I-luv-Edward-Cullen's 50 ways to annoy Edward Cullen and I just thought, Hey! Why don't I make a story of what would happen if Jasper and Emmitt did that! Well, I preset, What happens when you annoy Edward Cullen! (Also, Bella is a vampire in this one and vampires can sleep...)

    Edward's P O V
     The day had started out normally and then he saw Jasper and Emmitt laughing dramatically. He quickly read their thoughts... hoping to decipher what they were scheming. They obviously planned something that involved him, so, to protect their thoughts, they ran far enough to block his 'talent'. "Why I ought to... never mind..." Edward cursed in his head as they got away, but didn't chase them... besides, he had to go to his room to meet with Bella. When he got there, however, all he saw was.... nasty things all over his walls.

"Oh, they are going to GET IT." The last two words were growled. He quickly got the posters off before Bella got there.

   Two days later...
The last two days were complete agony. Jasper and Emmitt had decided to pull pranks to annoy the literal crap out of him. Currently, he was locked in his room, reading something when there was a sudden knock at his door. He jumped and fell off the bed. "Go away..." he mumbled. He didn't let anyone in since that first... incident. "Edward, open the door." It was Carlisle. He couldn't refuse to him, so he hesitantly opened the door. "Edward, what's wrong. You've been up here for two days." He sounded so kind and trusting, but after a quick scan of his thoughts, he found that he was in on some of the pranks. And with that he closed the door and bolted it shut. He was NOT in the mood for another prank. Someone (probably Jasper and Emmitt) Sent him a brown Irish Setter that looked and was named after Jacob. He gave the dog to Bella so he wouldn't hurt the puppy, of course. Just then, a sudden voice flashed through his mind. Edward, come down stairs. It was Jasper. He didn't have a good feeling, but he went anyway, to get it over with...
    Jasper's P O V
He really didn't expect his brother to walk down the stairs. There was something wrong with him. So he just sat down on the couch and patted the couch, gesturing for Edward to sit next to him. Edward sat, looking extremely jumpy. Jasper sensed that his mood of he was felling tense, and was wondering if they would go through with this when Edward jumped and swore loudly.

   Edward's P O V
  He heard it. Emmitt's voice. Right next to him. "Chinese fireball.... ooooooh!" Followed by giggles. He jumped several feet above the couch and cursed loudly. "GAHHH!!! WHAT THE ALMIGHTY F*** WAS THAT!?!?" He knew of course, but he wanted an out loud explanation. Suddenly, Emmitt was beside Jasper and they were both laughing like maniacs. Edward had enough. He silently went upstairs, not noticed by the other two. He could hear Carlisle laughing quietly too. He went to his room and locked the door again. This time, he wasn't taking chances.

   Ten weeks later

He was still enduring all of the pranks that had been unleashed on him. Apparently, Jasper and Emmitt had made a list of annoying things they wanted to torture him with and they weren't even close to done, so, Edward, having not hunted in... he forgot how long, was just used to it. He stayed huddled up in his closet, hoping to stay unacknowledged by the other Cullens / Hales. He couldn't stand anymore pranking. He slowly rocked back and forth dry sobbing. He hadn't seen Bella in so long, but he knew if he left to go see her, he would be humiliated in front of her. No one had come near Edwards room since he had stormed up there, locking the door.

  Bella's P O V
She hadn't seen Edward in 10 weeks. She was starting to worry. She asked Carlisle if he knew what was wrong with him, or if he was... dead. "Sorry Bella, I don't know what's wrong with him. You could go ask, be none of know where he is." Oh. That explains a lot.

  Edward's P O V

Oh dear god... she was in the house. He tried to stay silent as more sobs racked through his body. She cant see you like this, he thought. He slowly rocked back and forth on the closet floor. He heard a knock at his door, then the rattle of the door knob. Please don't come in here..., He thought again, Only to have his thoughts interrupted by the sound of all the locks breaking and foot steps in his room. "Edward, what did they do?" Was all he heard.

  Bella's P O V
It smelled like nothing had been washed in days, and the fresh sent of wet clothing had filled the room. She sniffed around for Edward's sent, and sure enough, he was sitting there, rocking back and forth and soft whimpers escaping him. "Edward?!" She almost yelled. She had never seen this before. Especially out of him. This was horrifying. He had to be messed up over something. She pulled out her phone and dialed Carlisle. "Carlisle, its me, Bella. I was just wondering if vampires can go insane." "What happened?" Carlisle said, clearly urgent from the other end of the line. "Oh nothing, its just that Edward is curled up at the bottom of his CLOSET, rocking back and forth, looking as though someone DIED." Bella was a little more than angry. She was going to murder whoever did this to her Edward. "Uh.... where are you?" He sounded frightened. "His room. He looks starved and wet. And also completely insane." Carlisle was there before she could even shut the phone. "Oh god... I didn't think this would happen..."

"What happened. Tell me so I can go murder the sorry little vampires who did this." Bella was going to tear them to shreds when she figured out who did this.

  Edward's P O V

All he heard voices. He tended to hear a lot of those, but these were fairly close. He slowed his rocking, but didn't stop, as it was comforting. He whimpered a little when he heard a growl in his room, forgetting that he was a vampire and assumed it was some large animal that wasn't afraid of him. Then he heard a voice that was like a life preserver in the middle of an ocean. "What happened. Tell me so I can go murder the sorry little vampires who did this. He couldn't speak yet though... he was too weak and all that would come were soft whimpers. But the voice he heard... it HAD to be Bella's. He felt her stroke his cheek and try to calm him. "Its ok Edward... can you tell me what happened?" Bella asked him, but honestly he couldn't remember. "Bella, I think he might need to lie down in the bed and rest. I don't think he had hunted in ten weeks. He heard Bella make a horrified sound. "Carlisle, Tell me who did this. NOW."

"Well... It was... you see, the thing is..." He didn't want Bella to murder Jasper and Emmitt, but he didn't want Edward to be starved and weak out of fear of getting humiliated either. "HEY! Are you going to tell me or not? 'Cause I can go down stairs and interrogate everyone right now." Bella, Edward thought, seemed much more protective. It must be because your being a pathetic loser who just sits in a closet and cries when people go pulling pranks on him, Edward thought bitterly. He whined slightly and the strokes on he cheek were back. He hurt his own felling with his own brain, and now he was being comforted. If he could, he would hide away for a few more weeks, but he couldn't really move at the moment, seeing as he was so weak from hunger, that his body had gone into shock from not having anything to stimulate it.

  Carlisle's P O V

He had never, ever seen Edward like this before. His own son. He didn't even acknowledge that fact that he was missing for several weeks, and just went on with life as normally as possible. But, here Edward was, curled up in a ball, soft whimpers escaping him once in a while, starved and weak,  and he didn't so much as check in him.

  Bella's P O V

He hadn't hunted in TEN. WEEKS. This was more than concerning. He must have a will of Titanium not to go and Kill something right now. "Carlisle. Tell me." "Jasper and Emmitt!" He sounded as though Bella was going to go do something horrible. "You didn't hear that from me!" And with that, he ran out of Edwards room. "Oh boy are they in for it." Before she left, she picked up Edward and placed him gently on the bed, covered him with blankets, and went to go punch Jasper and Emmitt in their faces.

What happens when you annoy Edward Cullen?
Ok, as I said earlier, this fan fiction was inspired be I-luv-Edward-Cullen's 50 ways to annoy Edward Cullen. This is what would happen if they did this. There are going to be multiple chapter, leave prompts if you want ^3^
I'm am going to try and write a Bill dip fan fiction!!! Wish me luck!!!


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